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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Profit for Preuksa Real Estate Thailand rises 37%

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Profit for Preuksa Real Estate Thailand rises 37%


The low-end housing leader Preuksa Real Estate Plc reported revenue of 7.63 billion baht in 2005, up 57% from the previous year, and targets nine billion baht this year, according to chief executive Thongma Vijitpongpun.
He said net profit rose 37% to 1.27 billion baht, or 18 satang per share.
Currently, the company’s housing stock is worth 4.52 billion baht, on which sales will be realized this year.
Preuksa plans to launch 14 new projects with 4,687 units worth a combined 6.5 billion baht. Of the total, 1,586 will be single houses, 2,751 townhouses and 350 condominiums.
“We will maintain a gross profit margin of 35% and net profit of 16% similar to last year,” Mr Thomgma said yesterday.
“We will use a bidding approach for big lots of construction materials to save costs by up to 70%.”
He added that the company would spend 800-900 million baht to acquire more plots for future development.
From January to November 2005, the company’s overall share in the housing market was 9% or 5,494of the total 61,047 of newly registered units.
Excluding owner-built homes, the company’s market share was 14.3%, up from12.4% in 2004, Mr Thongma said.
Share of Preuksa (PS) closed yesterday on the Stock Exchange of Thailand at 7,000 baht, up five satang, in trade worth 72.47 million baht.